Terms and Conditions

The Thwords website ( and the Thwords application ( are offered for the entertainment of all users. We currently make no restrictions on the use of the websites, but will notify users of any change to our policy via this website. Please use the website respectfully and don't spoil it for other users.

There are no warranties, either explicit or implied. For example, we reserve the right to make changes to the game play that we think will improve the user experience. We also reserve the right to remove any user from the high scorer lists or reset the entire high scorers list as we see fit. (We may do something like that after we make a major revision to a game's functionality, or just to give others a chance to make the high scorer lists.)

Having said that, we are currently exploring different revenue streams which will enable us to keep this website free for all users. Most likely we will try to do it through in-page advertising but we are also open to using memberships with nominal fees that would allow full unrestricted play. No matter what happens, we would always like to keep a free version of Thwords available for everyone.

As our business model adapts we will notify users of any change in out policy via this website.