You will be presented with a topic and a list of from one to four words or phrases that correspond to that topic. The words or phrases that you are trying to solve are known as Thwords.

Your job is to select letter tiles to complete all of the Thwords. If that's not simple enough, we also give you some letters for free.

The tile values are similar to Scrabble, but there are additional tiles for numbers and other characters. When you guess correctly you receive points for each match, but if you guess wrong you lose points. The point value for a tile depends on the language that you are currently playing. If you want to see the tile values just select the "Tile Values" option from the game menu.

When you make a wrong guess you not only lose points, but you also receive a strike. The number of strikes that you are allowed on a play are determined by the skill level. If you get more than the allowed number of strikes on any play then your game is over. (But even when you lose we let you finish out your current play.

Some games like Thword Plays and Foreign Thwords also may have one or more bonus questions at the end of each play which allow you to earn extra points. Also, if you've lost a play by getting too many strikes you can usually save your game by answering the bonus question(s) correctly. Just be careful because not every play will have bonus questions.

Your skill level determines how many strikes you are allowed on a play, as well as what types of bonus questions you get. If you're doing really good we may bump up your skill level to make it tougher because what's the fun if you win every time.

Skill Levels:

Novice: Play at this level if you don't like to lose because it's really easy. We allow you so many strikes that you have to try really hard to lose. It's so easy that we don't even bother to save the high scores because what would be the point?

Amateur: You'll generally be allowed two or three strikes on a play. The number may vary slightly depending on the topic. This is a good level to start out, but we recommend that after a few games you consider going Pro.

Pro: You're generally only allowed one strike on a play, but it might vary depending on the topic. This is the level where most people should be playing.

Expert: If you're up for a challenge then try the expert level because it's nearly impossible to win more than a handful of plays. That's because we don't allow you any strikes.